Where to Get a Boat Documentation Renewal Form

There are certain things we know we need to do in life each year. Things like going to the doctor for a physical, getting your car inspected, getting your furnace checked, and other annual chores pop up at particular times of the year, and you know you need to do them. One thing you do not want to overlook when you are a boat owner is the renewal of your registration or documentation. If you have a Certificate of Documentation from the Coast Guard, you need to renew the certificate each year to keep it active. If this is your first time that you need to renew, you may wonder where you need to go to get a boat documentation renewal form.

A Form from the Coast Guard

Like all the forms that relate to documentation, you can find the forms available from the Coast Guard. The forms are not available directly on the Coast Guard website, but instead can be found on the website of the National Vessel Documentation Center, an office of the Coast Guard that oversees documentation. You can find the form online and download it so that you can fill it out. You will also find that while you can pay your renewal fee online through the office website, you can submit your paperwork electronically to them and must mail it in.

Boat Documentation Renewal Form

Finding the Form Elsewhere

While you can certainly use the traditional method and mail the boat documentation renewal form to the Documentation Center, there is an easier way for you to submit your renewal. You can use the services we offer here at Maritime Documentation and file your renewal electronically with us. You can find the form on our website, fill out in minutes, and submit the form to us. We can then check it over and send it to the Documentation Center for you, so the process is faster. We even offer you the option of setting up an automatic renewal, so it gets done for you without you having to worry about it each year.

Never Forget a Form Again

Thanks to the services we offer here at Maritime Documentation, you will never have to worry about scratching out a boat documentation renewal form and mailing it in again. Just come here to our website and fill out your form quickly so we can take care of it for you and you can focus on just enjoying your pleasure craft each year.