Get a Replacement for Your Missing USCG Documentation

Owning a yacht or large recreational vessel like it is one of the great joys you have in life. You love to go out and enjoy vacations and day trips on the water, and you even went as far as to get documentation from the Coast Guard for your boat, so it is easier for you to clear through security when you sail to other countries. The problem you have run into, however, is that somewhere along the way you have lost your certificate of documentation. Regulations state it should always be on your vessel with you so you can show it as necessary, but now that it is gone you are not sure what to do. What you need to do is get a replacement for your missing USCG documentation as quickly as you can.

USCG Documentation That is Lost or Damaged

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) will issue you a replacement for your certificate if it is lost or damaged. Circumstances do arise where things like this happen. The documentation gets misplaced or moved, or, in some situations, it may even get damaged when something happens to the boat, or it is accidentally marred in some way. Without a valid certificate to back up the documentation number you display, you could risk getting a fine. The failure to have the certificate could also impede your travel to other places.

missing uscg documentation


Getting Replacement for Missing USCG Documentation

Replacement for your missing USCG documentation requires you to file an application with the Coast Guard for a replacement. The application is the same as if you were applying for documentation for the first time, and you do need to supply the supporting information and documents needed. AS you did when you initially received your certificate, you will have to send the information to the Coast Guard for approval before you get your certificate sent to you, along with a fee for replacement processing and the certificate.

Where to Go for Your Replacement Documentation

Instead of filling out the replacement USCG documentation forms and mailing them to the Coast Guard, you can make the process faster and easier for yourself by contacting Maritime Documentation Center. We have the forms you need on our website so you can fill it out online and send it in to us. We can check the form for errors and then pass it on to the USCG so you can get your certificate and keep your boat out on the water without any trouble.