Filing a USCG Satisfaction and Release Form

The day that you finalized the purchase of your boat was thrilling. You got the keys and your paperwork, and you knew you were going to get to spend as much time as you wanted traveling on the open waters with family and friends. While this was a happy day for you, it likely also came with a bit of a downside when you knew you know had a mortgage or loan that you had to pay each month for your vessel. Just like buying a car or a home, you make your payments diligently to keep everything up, and then that big day comes along when your last payment is made (or you sell your boat and make that final payment). You smile as you write the check, but now you also need to remember to do something else – file a USCG satisfaction and release form.

Your USCG Obligations

If you have taken the time and expense to document your vessel and be part of the United States Coast Guard (USCG) official registry of boats, then you also have certain obligations to maintain so your records are up to date. This can include things like paying your annual certification fees, but it also means filing documents so the Coast Guard is aware of any changes, including when it comes to liens on your ship. Once your mortgage is satisfied, you can submit documentation to the Coast Guard so that they can note your mortgage has been paid. This then goes on your official record with the USCG and will appear on any abstracts requested should you decide to sell your boat.

a USCG satisfaction and release

Filing USCG Forms

Filing for a USCG satisfaction and release may sound like a simple thing for you to do, but some boat owners find it very frustrating to deal with the USCG directly. You often have trouble finding the forms you need, and when you do, you realize you must print everything out and mail it to their offices instead of making use of modern methods and technology. That is why we at the Maritime Documentation Center have created the ideal portal for you to take advantage of.

Satisfaction with Your Satisfaction and Release

When you use us at the Maritime Documentation Center for filing your USCG satisfaction and release form, you will be using the easiest and fastest method available to handle your paperwork. We offer all the essential USCG documentation forms on our website so that you can access them quickly and enter your information electronically. Just fill out the form, upload your supporting documentation, click send, and it comes right to our offices. Our experts will check the form to make sure you didn’t forget anything that could cause delays before we send it to the Coast Guard for you. You will be very satisfied with our service and how we handle all your USCG applications and forms. So, you will know you have a great source at your fingertips whenever you need it.