Filing a Boat Transfer of Title

It goes without saying that when you are looking to sell your boat, a lot of paperwork will be involved. Selling can take some time, and it often entails getting the boat in the best condition possible and making sure you have everything in order before you can close a deal. Beyond creating a bill of sale to mark the transaction for yourself and the buyer, if you have documented your vessel with the Coast Guard, you also will need to work with the USCG regarding the title for your boat. A boat transfer of title will be necessary for you to apply for and knowing what steps you need to take can help ensure that you handle the process correctly.

What to do for a Transfer

If you are planning to transfer the Certificate of Documentation (COD) you have for your boat, you need to make sure that any mortgage you have on the ship has been satisfied. This can be accomplished by either paying off the amount due on the boat yourself or with the proceeds you receive from the sale of the ship. If you know that the mortgage cannot be satisfied, you can also contact your lender to see if you can get permission from them to move forward with the sale so you can transfer the COD without any difficulties. Once you have that end worked out, you can then move ahead with filing the proper paperwork with the Coast Guard.

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Filing Transfer Paperwork

Any time you are seeking to complete a boat transfer of title, you are going to have to complete paperwork for the Coast Guard. You need to notify them and request the COD be transferred to the new owner of the vessel. The Coast Guard has a form you must fill out, and you will need to provide them with pertinent information as well as a processing fee to cover the costs. Unfortunately, many boat owners have difficulty finding the forms to use and are leery about sending personal information like this through the mail to the Coast Guard offices. This is where we at the Maritime Documentation Center can step in to assist you.

The Better Way for a Transfer

To make use of the best and safest way available for you to file for a boat transfer of a COD, come to us at the Maritime Documentation Center. Our website offers all the applications you may need to file with the Coast Guard, and each one is in electronic form. You can click on the link for the form you want and start filling it out right on your computer or smartphone. The process can take you just a few minutes, and you can send everything to us, including payment information and any documentation you may need to provide. Our site is safe, secure, and user-friendly so that you can get your application submitted so we can pass it on to the Coast Guard for you, giving you a seamless method to apply for your transfer.