Facts About the United States Coast Guard National Vessel Documentation

Sadly, many boat owners still do not know what the United States Coast Guard national vessel documentation is. They are also not aware of the repercussions if they do not document their boats, if qualified. So, stick around and find out the facts about this documentation so you will be guided accordingly. 

Who is Responsible for Releasing the United States Coast Guard National Vessel Documentation

The USCG National Vessel Documentation Center (NVDC) is responsible for the documentation of vessels in the US. This national documentation provides a compressive record of vessel ownership, nationality, and compliance with safety regulations. We offer another way to do it, from our third-party service.

What is the Purpose of this Documentation? 

It serves multiple purposes. Its primary function is to establish and maintain a national registry of all documented vessels operating in US waters. This registry ensures the legal ownership of vessels, verifies their nationality, and assists in promoting maritime safety and security. This supports the enforcement of maritime laws and regulations. It also facilitates international travel and commerce. It also enables efficient search and rescue operations. 

What Vessels Are Eligible for Documentation? 

Your boat may not be eligible for documentation. Thus, if you submit an application and your boat does not meet the eligibility requirements, then your application will be denied. Thus, before you even attempt to apply, make sure that your boat is over 5 net tons. If you are the owner of the boat, then you must be a US citizen. 

Boats used for commercial purposes are eligible for documentation. However, if your boat is more than 5 net tons and you use it for recreational purposes, it is still eligible for this type of documentation. On the other hand, if your boat does not qualify, you may still be registered at the state level. 

What are the Benefits of this Documentation? 

Documenting your vessel offers several benefits to boat owners. Here are some advantages you need to know: 

  • Proof of ownership and title: This documentation establishes a legal record of boat ownership, providing proof of title and protecting against fraudulent claims. 
  • Nationality and Travel: A documented vessel is recognized as US-flagged. Your boat can engage in international travel, navigate foreign waters, and benefit from US consular services abroad. 
  • International Treaty Agreements: Your documented boat can also take advantage of international treaty agreements and enjoy benefits, like preferred access to foreign ports. It can also enjoy preferential treatment in international trade. 
  • Enhanced Security. Your boat can also be used as collateral for mortgage financing if it is documented with the USCG. It provides vessel owners with additional financial flexibility. 

National Vessel Documentation

How to Apply? 

You must first ensure that your boat is qualified for documentation. If it is, then use our forms found on the left side part of this page. You can download various forms from our website. In addition to the initial vessel documentation form, you can also download the renewal form, change of address, abstract of title, transfer/exchange, reinstatement, and a lot more. Contact our team today to learn how to submit the United States Coast Guard National Vessel Documentation form (or other forms) through our portal.