What happens if I don’t renew my vessel documentation?

The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) takes the expiration of documentation seriously and imposes a number of penalties for those who have let their documentation lapse.

Depending upon the specific circumstances, those who have allowed their USCG documentation to expire may face one or more enforcement actions including fines, vessel detentions, and potentially worse.

How do I mark the official number and hailing port on my vessel?

To be in compliance with the USCG, a documented vessel must be marked properly.

Specifically, “NO.” (“N” and “O” followed by a period) must be marked before the vessel’s assigned official number. This must be marked in Arabic numerals that are at least three inches high and in block type. Additionally, these must be placed on some interior structural part of the hull where they’ll be clearly visible and, they must be permanently affixed. In terms of “clearly visible,” use common sense.

How to Find Who Owns a Vessel?

There are multiple ways to use our vessel documentation portal to discover who owns a particular vessel. To discover who the Managing Owner is, as well as the entire ownership history of the vessel, apply for an Abstract of Title. You can do so here.

How to Perform a USCG Documentation Search?

Through our site, you can conduct a Coast Guard boat registration search. You can search by HIN (“Hull Identification Number”) or the Official Number of the vessel. Through this, you will receive information about a vessel’s name, tonnage measurements, particulars/dimensions, and more. You will not receive the owner’s name as that information was stricken from public access in 2018.

How to Transfer Title?

Titled vessels are, most likely, not registered with the USCG. They aren’t “documented vessels,” not with the Coast Guard. Instead, they’re registered with a particular State. USCG documented vessels are required to carry the USCG vessel documentation version of a title of vessel, called a “Certificate of Documentation.” If eligible, you can apply for one here.

I Lost my Certificate of Documentation. What do I do now?

If the owner of a vessel with United States Coast Guard (USCG) documentation loses their Certificate of Documentation, they will need to apply for a duplicate from the National Vessel Documentation Center. This can be done either electronically or via regular mail.

Is your site secure?

At NVDC Renewal, we utilize the very best in website security. We understand how serious a responsibility it is for our clients to trust us with their information. Thus, we make sure that our security is as impregnable as can be. Currently, we utilize SSL encryption.

What are the requirements for USCG documentation?

To qualify for USCG documentation, a vessel must be wholly owned by a citizen of the United States and measure at least five net tons. Net tonnage is a measurement not of weight but of volume. A simple rule: if a vessel measures more than 25 feet in length, it almost invariably measures at least five net tons.