How can I renew USCG documentation if it’s expired?

If your documented vessel’s documentation has expired for more than 30 days, then your vessel’s documentation cannot be renewed. Instead, it must be reinstated. You can find the form to reinstate your vessel documentation here.

How can I find a vessel’s owner?

To be in compliance with the USCG, a documented vessel must be marked properly. The Abstract of Title is a document that records all owners of a vessel, as well as the vessel's USCG documentation.

Does my boat need to be USCG documented?

Some vessels have to be documented and others can be documented. Vessels that measure five net tons or more and are wholly owned by citizens of the United States can be documented. Vessels that are to be used for commercial fishing activities on the navigable waters of the United States or in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) must be documented. USCG documentation is the process of registering a vessel with the United States Coast Guard (USCG). Through this process, vessels receive an official Certificate of Documentation, which provides evidence that they meet USCG safety and security standard

Does a Documented Vessel Have to Be Registered in Kansas?

Yes, they do. A Coast Guard documented vessel must be registered in the state of Kansas.

According to the Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks: “All vessels powered by motor (gasoline, diesel, or electric), or sail, must be registered and numbered. The State of Kansas does not, however, title watercraft nor does it register or title motors.”

Does my documented vessel have to be registered in Texas?

Yes, it does.USCG documented vessels are required to have current boat registration in Texas. Other vessels include: all non-motorized vessels that are 14 feet in length or longer and all motorized vessels regardless of length. This is true whether the vessel in question is a sailboat with an auxiliary engine, or if the vessel is docked/moored.

Does my documented vessel have to be registered in Wisconsin?

Yes, they do. If you operate a documented vessel on Wisconsin waters, the vessel must also be registered in Wisconsin. You have to do this if you have used the vessel in Wisconsin for more than 60 consecutive days or if Wisconsin is the state of principal use for your vessel.