Does a documented vessel need to be registered in every state?

If a vessel has been USCG documented, it does not need to be registered with any state. Documentation is accepted by all states as evidence of ownership, which negates the need for registration. However, if there are changes in ownership or the vessel is used in interstate commerce, registration may still be necessary to comply with certain laws and regulations.

Can uscg documentation numbers expire?

This endorsement is for any vessel that engages in interstate or international commerce. It serves to certify the ownership and registration details of the vessel to ensure it can be identified in case of an emergency, or if there is ever a dispute regarding its provenance. USCG documentation numbers are permanent and never expire. This means that a vessel with a USCG documentation number can retain it in perpetuity, without the need to renew or reapply for a new one. This is an important feature of USCG documentation as it enables potential buyers to check the authenticity of vessels they may purchase, by verifying the history associated with the vessel's documentation number.