Is the vessel tender documented?

Vessel documentation does not cover a vessel’s tender or dinghy. 

As those measure less than five net tons, they are not eligible for vessel documentation. 

How long is the certificate of documentation valid?

Provided there are no changes other than the owner’s address, a Certificate of Documentation is valid for one year from the date of issue. 

Previously, any Certificate of Documentation had to be renewed annually. 

How do I notify you of my change of address?

Vessel owners can submit a Change of Address form through our site. The form can be found here.

Additionally, vessel owners can update their Change of Address when renewing their Certificate of Documentation. The new address can be updated in the renewal application. That application can be found here. Per Cornell Law, “whenever the managing owner changes, the managing owner shall notify (the authorities) within 10 days.”

May I receive faxed copies of completed products prior to mailing?


Requests for faxing of Certificates of Documentation, Letters of Deletion, Certificates of Ownership and recorded instruments such as Preferred Mortgages, Bills of Sale, Notices of Claim of Lien, and Satisfactions of Mortgage in combination to mailing will require an additional Certified Copy fee of $34.00 for each item.

Are there different types of documentation?

Yes. A Certificate of Documentation may be endorsed for fishery, coastwise, registry, or recreation. Any documented vessel may be used for recreational purposes, regardless of its endorsement, but a vessel documented with a recreational endorsement only may not be used for any other purpose. Registry endorsements are generally used for foreign trade.