Jet Ski Vin Number Lookup Free

Use this link for a Jet Ski VIN number lookup free

This will provide information such as the vessel’s name, its flag, its service (endorsement), its length, breadth, depth, its tonnage, when it was documented with the USCG and when that documentation will expire as well as other information. 

A “Hull Identification Number” (or “HIN”) is the identifying code for a specific vessel. Think of it as a vessel’s fingerprint. No other boat has the same HIN. 

Consisting of 12 to 14 characters, a HIN displays who manufactured the vessel as well as when among other information. 

The first three digits of a HIN are the “Manufacturer’s Identification Code.” This reveals who manufactured the vessel. Examples include “JKA” for “Kawasaki Motors Corp. USA,” “YAM” for “Yamaha Motor Corp. USA,” and so forth. 

The following five digits are the serial number the manufacturer assigned to the hull. These can be both numbers and letters. However, as the letters “Q,” “O,” and “I” could potentially be mistaken for numbers, they are not used. 

To the right of that (and fourth from the right) is a letter. This letter tells you the month when construction on the vessel began. Each letter corresponds to month: 12 for December, 11 for November, 10 for October, etc. 

The next number (and third from the right) displays the last digit of the year when the vessel was built. For example, a vessel built in 2019 would have a “9.” 

The last two numbers, (the ones furthest to the right) display the vessel’s model year. 

The above format applies to vessels that have been manufactured since August 1st, 1984. All vessels must bear a HIN if they were manufactured or imported on or after the date of November 1st, 1972. Vessels manufactured or imported before that date are exempt. 

If you have further questions about your Jet Ski, personal watercraft, or USCG vessel documentation, contact the Vessel Registrar Center at or (800) 535-8570 Monday-Friday, 8 AM to 4:30 PM.