How to Transfer Boat Documentation After Spouse’s Passing

To transfer a vessel’s documentation into your name after your spouse’s passing, complete this form for the Transfer Exchange of USCG Documentation.

As you complete the form, upload any pertinent documentation in regards to Estate/Inheritance granting you vessel ownership, the death certificate, as well as documentation establishing Right of Survivorship (if necessary).

According to 46 CFR 67.79, “Passage of Title Without Court Action Following Death of Owner,” “when title to a vessel formerly owned in whole or in part by an individual now deceased passes without court action, an applicant for documentation must present (1) when title passes to a surviving joint tenant or tenants or to a tenant by the entirety, a copy of the death certificate, certified by an appropriate State official; or (2) where the laws of cognizant jurisdiction permit passage of title without court action, evidence of compliance with applicable State law.”

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