How to Find Who Owns a Vessel?

There are multiple ways to use our vessel documentation portal to discover who owns a particular vessel. To discover who the Managing Owner is, as well as the entire ownership history of the vessel, apply for an Abstract of Title. You can do so here.

In addition to ownership history, this will also provide any bills of sale on record, the sales prices of the vessel, and the entire history of any and all mortgages/liens/encumbrances against the vessel as well.

Another alternative: you can request a Certified Copy of the Certificate of Documentation. You can do this regardless of whether you own the vessel. Indeed, anyone can request a Certified Copy of the Certificate for any documented vessel with the USCG.

The Certified Copy will contain all of the information that’s currently on the vessel’s Certificate of Documentation. You will receive the Managing Owner’s name as well as their address, the vessel’s endorsement, and more. To obtain a Certified Copy, click here.

You can also perform a vessel documentation search at our site. Simply type in the vessel’s HIN (Hull Identification Number) and/or Official Number.

Keep in mind: this will not give you the managing owner’s name. That information was removed from access to the public in 2018. This will not serve as a form of boat owner lookup. However, this search can provide you with the vessel’s name, flag, dimensions, tonnage information, documentation, certification, service info, when its current Certificate of Documentation was issued as well as when it will expire, and more.