HIN Search Boat Free

Use this link to HIN search boat for free. You can search at that link by HIN or Official Number (ON). 

This will provide information such as the vessel’s name, its flag, its service (endorsement), its length, breadth, depth, its tonnage, when it was documented with the USCG and when that documentation will expire as well as other information. 

It will not have any information about the owner. 

To find that, apply for an Abstract of Title. This will include the managing owner of a documented vessel as well as the ownership history of a vessel and the status of any encumbrances/liens on the vessel. 

Use this form to apply for an Abstract of Title

If you have further questions about abstracts of title, searching for boats by HIN, or USCG vessel documentation, contact the Vessel Registrar Center at info@usvesselregistrar.us or (800) 535-8570 Monday-Friday, 8 AM to 4:30 PM.