Explaining USCG Forms: Notice of Claim of Lien

Our staff is always more than glad to answer any questions that our customers might have about USCG forms. “Which ones are right for me?” “How do I know if I’m eligible?” “Can you walk me through the process?” Those are examples of some of the questions we get. Another common one: “what is a ‘notice of claim of lien?” This is one of those forms that may not be necessary for every vessel owner. However, there are those for whom this file is a necessity. 

What the Notice of Claim of Lien Does 

Let’s say that someone didn’t pay you for repairs you did on their vessel, or maybe you towed them and weren’t paid, or you towed their vessel and again, were stiffed on the money. Maybe you crewed for someone, and they didn’t pay your wages or provide you with provisions. It may feel like you don’t have any options. However, that’s what the Notice of Claim of Lien is for. In a very simplified way, this form is designed to help you get the money you’re owed. 

Why It Could Be Helpful 

Like so much else in regards to vessels and boating, this form has been around for a very long time. The idea originally was to keep the vessel owner from sailing away to another country where they could escape payment. Today, filing a Notice of Claim of Lien on someone’s vessel could show up in the Abstract. That way, if the vessel owner who owes you money tried to sell the vessel to someone else, potential owners could see the lien. Then, that could keep them from buying the vessel. 

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How We Can Make it Work for You 

You can go to our site, fill it out, and then we’ll make sure it gets to where it’s supposed to go as quickly as possible. As with all of our other forms, it’s mobile-optimized, with asterisks by what you need to fill out to make it go even quicker. That said, a word to the wise: just because you’ve filed this form doesn’t mean that your lien is legally valid or enforceable. With this form in particular, the Maritime Documentation Center strongly suggests you at least speak to legal counsel ahead of time, just to be certain that this is the right course of action. 

All the USCG Forms You Might Need 

Hopefully, you never have to use this form, because everyone who owes you money pays when they’re supposed to. That said, should you have to use this form, hopefully then you get your money quickly, thus resolving the issue. No matter what, you’ll be able to find all of the forms you’ll need right at our site. From the first time you register a vessel, through renewing it, to the moment you sell it to someone else, all of the forms you’ll need are right here. For more information or to talk to a member of our staff: (800) 535-8570.