Establishing Citizenship Evidence for Coast Guard Documentation

Part of the evidence that you will be required to send when you apply for USCG vessel documentation will be proof that you are an established US citizen. Only people who have this status may apply to document their boat in the US, and if you do not have this then you will not be able to receive the certificate that documents your boat with the United States Coast Guard. As with all types of government application, the Coast Guard documentation forms will only allow some type of evidence to establish that you are a US citizen.

Basic Proof That You Are a Citizen

Most boat owners trying to document their vessel can prove their US citizenship by providing evidence that they have a Social Security number. If you are applying on behalf of a company or corporation, then you must be registered in a state of the US, and both the CEO and the chairman of your company’s board will have to be US citizens, and they will provide their Social Security numbers as proof of this. This is the most basic way to establish that you are a citizen, and that you are a full member of the United States.

Citizenship Evidence for Coast Guard Documentation

Providing Other Forms of Proof

If you want to use another form of evidence that you are a US citizen, then you may want to consider providing your birth certificate, which will show where you were born and whether you are a natural born US citizen. If your citizenship comes from one of your parents, and you were born overseas, then you will need to provide your certificate of citizenship. Naturalized citizens may provide the USCG with evidence of the naturalization process. If you have a US passport, then this will also provide evidence that you are a citizen of the United States.

Checking Your Submission

When you submit documentation to prove that you are a citizen, and therefore are entitled to document your boat in the US, it is important that you provide evidence that will be accepted by the agency, and that all of it is sufficient to establish your claim. If you think that you need help with submitting evidence when you apply for Coast Guard documentation for your boat, then you should contact Vessel Documentation Online today by calling (866) 981-8783 and discussing your needs with a member of our team.