Eligible Boat: What is the USCG Documentation Fee?

If your boat is Coast Guard documented, you can clear customs quicker than when you have a State-registered vessel. However, not all boats are eligible for documentation. In that case, the only time you pay for the USCG documentation fee is when you need to document your boat if it is eligible. 

The Importance of USCG Documentation Fee

It is a mandatory fee imposed by the USCG for the processing and issuance of documentation for eligible boats. It is applicable only if you apply for initial documentation, renewal, transfer of ownership, or other related documentation services. 

How to Calculate the Fee? 

It is calculated based on the tonnage of the vessel. Tonnage refers to the internal volume of a vessel and is used to determine the fee amount. It is important to note that the fee structure is not a flat rate. It varies depending on the tonnage of your boat. In that case, you need to know the tonnage of your vessel before you even initiate the documentation. 

Significance of the Fee

The fee helps cover the admin costs associated with processing and issuing documentation for eligible boats. It includes reviewing applications, verifying information, and maintaining accurate records. 

Funding Operations 

The revenue generated from the fee contributes to funding various operations and services provided by the USCG. These services encompass maritime safety, security, environmental protection, and regulatory enforcement. 

Infrastructure Maintenance 

The USCG plays a vital role in maintaining navigational aids, conducting search and rescue operations, and ensuring the overall safety of maritime activities. The fee contributes to the upkeep and maintenance of this critical maritime infrastructure. 

Supporting the Maritime Industry 

The fee contributes to the overall support and advancement of the maritime industry. It helps sustain a robust maritime environment that benefits vessel owners, operators, professionals, and enthusiasts alike. 

What Happens When You Don’t Pay for the Fee? 

Timely payment is a crucial obligation that you must not overlook. If you failed to pay for the fee, then you will have to face a series of consequences that may impact your boat’s legal status. It also affects your compliance and ability to navigate the maritime domain. 

Delay in the Documentation Process 

The immediate consequence is a delay in the process of your documentation. It can hinder your ability to complete the necessary paperwork and receive your boat’s documentation in a timely manner. 

Incomplete Documentation 

The fee is an integral part of the documentation process and non-payment can render your documentation incomplete. Incomplete documentation may impact the legal status of your boat. It makes it more difficult to prove ownership or engage in certain maritime activities. 

USCG Documentation Fee

Ineligibility for Documentation

Continued non-payment can lead to your vessel being ineligible for documentation or renewal. Documentation is vital for proving ownership, accessing certain waters, and engaging in specific maritime activities. In other words, failure to pay the fee will limit your boat’s legal standing and operational capabilities. 

Remember that without proper documentation, it may result in fines, penalties, and other legal consequences. To learn more about the benefits of paying for the USCG documentation fee, please contact our team today. Or use our forms to start your registration.