The Easy Way to Boat Documentation Renewal

When you first became a boat owner, whether you purchased a vessel for commercial use or a pleasure craft, you went through the process to get a Certificate of Documentation (COD) from the U.S. Coast Guard. The process can be complicated and lengthy, but once you have it completed, you know you are part of the federal registry and get some of the benefits of being part of this list. Of course, your responsibility does not end just with the receiving of your COD. Documentation does expire each year, so you do need to make sure that you keep your records update and renew every year. Instead of worrying about boat documentation renewal each year, it pays to find an easy way to make sure the process is handled correctly and on time.

Handling Renewal on Your Own

Many boat owners do not give renewal a second thought at the time they get their COD. They just figure they will renew when the year is up and move forward, not thinking anymore about it. Then, suddenly, they get a letter from the Coast Guard, letting them know their COD has lapsed. You do get a grace period of thirty days after expiration to renew, but if you fail to do it in that time frame, you will have to file different forms to get your documentation reinstated. The reinstatement costs additional money, making the process more expensive for you overall.

Make Renewal Automatic

Instead of having to struggle with boat documentation renewal and filling out forms to send to the Coast Guard each year, why not make things easy for yourself and find an automatic way to get documentation renewed? When you work with us here at the Maritime Documentation Center, we can arrange for subsequent renewals of your documentation to be automatic, so you never have to worry about it lapsing. We can provide you with electronic services for up to five years so that your documentation renewal will get sent in without you having to do a thing. We take care of all the work for you so you can spend time enjoying your ship without dealing with paperwork and hassles.

Start Your Renewal with Us

If you know you are coming up to time for your boat documentation renewal, head over to our website at the Maritime Documentation Center, and get the process rolling electronically. Just click on the Renewal area, and the form you need to fill out will pop up. Enter your information directly on our web page, select the number of years you want for automatic renewal, enter your payment information, and you are done. We take care of everything else for you and will be sure to submit your renewal information each year for you. Our process is fast, easy, and secure and will help make your vessel ownership that much smoother and stress-free for you, making boat ownership just what it should be for you.