Does Coast Guard Name Search Help You Know If Your Boat is Documented?

If you are buying or selling a vessel, it is pertinent that you carry out a Coast Guard name search. Unfortunately, many boat owners do not know the reason behind it. One of the reasons you should conduct this search is to know if the boat you are buying or selling is properly documented with the USCG. This is vital especially if the boat is more than 5 net tons and it is used commercially. 

Initiating a Coast Guard Name Search 

Our website offers this search as one of the tools to help boat owners get to know their vessels. It is free to use and you can access it as many times as you want. This online search lets you inquire about the documentation status of a certain vessel based on its name. 

Entering the Name of the Boat 

When initiating the search, you should enter the exact name of the boat you wish to inquire about. It is crucial to enter the correct name to obtain precise and relevant results. 

Reviewing the Search Results 

This search tool can generate a list of search results that match the provided name. You should review the list to identify the certain vessel that you are interested in. If you have not found the right boat, you may need to narrow down your search. Perhaps, you have to enter more details, like the hull identification number (HIN). 

Finding Out the Status and Details of the Vessel 

The name search provides information on the documentation status of the boat you are interested in. This will help you ascertain that the boat you want to sell or buy is actively documented or has expired documentation. You may also know whether or not it is subject to any pending actions. 

Confirmation of Ownership 

As you verify the documentation status through the name search, you can confirm the owner of the boat. It lets you ensure that your boat’s documentation is up to date and aligns with its records. If you are selling your boat, you can confidently say that you are indeed the owner of the vessel and that it is properly documented. Keep in mind that with active documentation, the value of your boat may be higher than boats with no documentation.

Identify Potential Liens or Encumbrances 

The search results may also include information about recorded liens or encumbrances on the vessel. It is crucial for you, as the boat owner, and the potential buyer (if you are selling your boat). It provides insights into the financial claims or disputes associated with the boat. 

Regulator Monitoring for Peace of Mind 

Even if you are not selling your boat, this name search will help you monitor the documentation status of your vessel. This proactive approach offers peace of mind and ensures timely awareness of changes in documentation status. 

Coast Guard Name Search

Essential Resource for Boat Owners

The Coast Guard name search is a free tool that you can use at any time you want to know the status of a boat. Use it correctly. If you need further help in searching for a certain boat or want guidance in documenting your boat, please feel free to ask our experts. Give us a call today and we will be happy to assist you.