Documenting a Vessel Today – How can I do it?

It always seems like that no matter what we must do in life, there is paperwork to go along with it. Everywhere you go, and everything you buy seems to come with some document that you must sign or something you must apply for. Making a large purchase like buying a yacht or other pleasure vessel is no different. Much like it is for you when you buy a car or a home, there are plenty of papers for you to sign, a title is involved, and you must register your ownership in some way with your state or federal government. It is a good idea for you to learn ll about documenting a vessel today so you can find the best and easiest way to get the task accomplished.

An Older Method to Document

In the past, the only method available to you for documentation was to go directly to the U.S. Coast Guard to complete the process. The Coast Guard has a department responsible for documentation, and that department is known as the National Vessel Documentation Center. The center is in West Virginia, but boat owners could get the application and fill it out, and then mail it, along with any supporting evidence needed, back to the center for processing. The problem always was and still is, that the center only takes the applications via mail or in-person, lengthening the time processing can take for you.

Documenting a Vessel Today

The Better Way for You to Document

In today’s world, finding out how to document a vessel will reveal much easier methods for you. You can come to us at Maritime Documentation Center to get assistance with the process. As a third-party agency, we are unaffiliated with the Coast Guard Documentation Search but take care of processing applications and submitting them to the agency on behalf of boat owners like you. We make the documentation application available online so you can fill it out electronically and submit it to us so that we can pass it on to the Coast Guard for you.

Get Your Vessel in the Water Faster

You will see that when you learn how to a document a vessel with our help at Maritime Documentation Center that you can get the task done much faster and more accurately, allowing you to cut the waiting time for approval so you can get your certificate right away. You can get started on your application quickly right here at our website and send everything to us so we can check it over for you, allowing you to be sure your application is correct and all will go smoothly in the documentation process for you. For additional information, call (800) 535-8570 or send an email to