Documenting a Vessel the Fast and Easy Way

The day has come where you are getting the boat you purchased delivered to your local marina. You proudly go down to watch them as they place it in the water for you, and you walk around on the deck, thinking about all the good times you are going to have using this new purchase of yours. Now that you are a boat owner, you need to think about important issues like registering your boat or documenting it with the Coast Guard. Documentation might be the method you need to go through because of your financing terms. Before you can take your boat out for the first time you need to have the proper documentation so you can place the certificate on your ship. A fast and easy way exists for documenting a vessel:  come to us at the Maritime Documentation Center for assistance.

Don’t Let Documenting a Vessel be a Struggle

Going through the documentation process is often described as a hassle and struggle for many boat owners. The problem is that these owners have taken a difficult path to documentation and have tried to do it directly with the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard makes the process a chore for you. They do not provide easy access to their forms, their website is not user-friendly, and, most of all, you cannot file for documentation online. You must mail your paperwork to them, leaving you worried about whose hands your personal information and payment information may fall into along the way.

Documenting the Easy Way

Here at the Maritime Documentation Center, we have made documenting a vessel easy for you, so there are no struggles, hassles or delays. Our website is set up using the best and latest technology and encryption so that you know your information will be safe and secure. We provide documentation applications and forms electronically so that you can fill them out on your computer and then send them to us. As a third-party provider, we have documentation experts on staff to look at your paperwork to ensure it is complete, lessening the chance of unnecessary delays. You can have your forms completed and submitted to us before you finish that cup of morning coffee.

Document Your Vessel through Us

Documenting a vessel should not be a challenge that takes a long time and is fraught with delays. Turn to us at the Maritime Documentation Center, and you can have easy access to everything you need in one location. Fill out your application, send it to us, and then wait for your documentation to arrive, so you have the certificate you need for your boat. If you ever have any questions about a form or need help filling something out, we have staff available to help you. You can call us at (800) 535-8570 so you can speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives to get the information and answers you need that will help you get the documentation forms filed.