What is a Documented Vessel in the U.S.?

Many responsibilities are involved when you enter into boat ownership. You have the financial aspect of ownership that you need to live up to, but you are also responsible for the maintenance and upkeep, the safety and security, and understanding what you must do to keep the vessel at its best. One aspect you do not want to neglect involves the registration of your boat. While registering your ship with the state that you live in is undoubtedly an option for you, you do have another choice you can make. Opting for Coast Guard documentation is another way you can go. If you are wondering – what is a documented vessel in the U.S.? – we at the Maritime Documentation Center would be happy to explain why it may be beneficial or necessary for you.

A Boat Documented in the U.S.

Vessel documentation, simply put, is registering your boat with the United States Coast Guard, or USCG. The USCG is responsible for maintaining a federal registry and database, and, if you own a pleasure vessel that is larger than five net tons, you are eligible to choose federal documentation. Under current laws, all commercial vessel must be part of the registry and go through the documentation process. Getting documentation can be a benefit for you as it will allow you for easier passage through security when you are entering foreign waters or other countries. Since the documentation is federally endorsed, it is considered that you get the protections afforded under the United States flag.

The Necessity of a Documented Vessel

When considering the question what is a documented vessel, you will want to know that there are other circumstances beyond owning a commercial vessel where documentation may be required for you. Many financial institutions today make documenting your ship a condition of getting a mortgage or loan to finance your purchase. Documentation provides lenders with greater comfort in lending since they can acquire preferred lender’s status, making it easier for them to recoup the money they are owed should a situation arise where you have trouble or difficulty paying your loans.

Where You Can Get Documented

Since you now know the answer to what is a documented vessel, you can decide if you need or want to go through the documentation process. If you want to get your documentation accomplished the easiest way possible, you will want to come to us at the Maritime Documentation Center for assistance. We are an outside agency that provides all the forms you may need online so that you can fill out everything online. You can then submit your application and supporting documents to us, and we will have our professional staff look it over to make sure it is accurate and complete. We then send it on to the Coast Guard for you so that all you have to do is wait for your approval and your Certificate of Documentation (COD) to arrive. Let us help you make documentation a simple, worthwhile effort for you.