Conducting a Coast Guard Documentation Search at Vessel Registrar Center

When you research a specific boat, you want to be sure the information you get comes from a reputable source. A Coast Guard boat documentation search with us is a great way to find out what you need to know, which is especially important if you plan to buy a boat. No matter why you are doing a boat search, our sources will help you gather the data you need so that you can take the next step regarding a given vessel. Keep reading for more info about what we can help you with. 

Conducting a Search

It’s easy to conduct a search on our site. Simply choose the “vessel documentation search” option on the left side of our home page. Our site is compatible with many devices, from laptops to smartphones. Simply enter the hull identification number (HIN) to begin your search. All information is kept secure so you can have peace of mind as you conduct a documentation search.

What Will You Find?

Obviously, a documentation search is going to produce information about a given boat. Some of what your search may turn up is the boat’s name, service information, details about size and date of manufacture, make, and model. You may also be able to turn up additional information regarding certain details about the boat – tonnage, for example. You can also learn more about the boat’s Certificate of Documentation and whether it’s valid or if it needs to be renewed and/or updated. Taking into account what you find out about a vessel can help you make a decision regarding whether buying it is a good idea for you or not. 

Abstract of Title

A search on our site won’t provide ownership information with a simple documentation search. This data was removed several years ago because of privacy concerns. However, finding the boat’s Abstract of Title will offer ownership records. To do this on our site, you’ll need to fill out an application requesting the Abstract of Title. Once approved, you will be able to see current ownership, as well as the chain of ownership as far back as it’s available. This will also give you data about liens, mortgages, and encumbrances that are relevant to the vessel, including their current status. 

Overseas Vessels

If you are seeking information about a foreign vessel, click on the left side of our homepage on the option titled, “foreign vessel title search request.” This will give you important information about boats in Bermuda, Canada, the Cayman Islands, the United Kingdom, and many others. Again, this is important if you are planning to buy a boat and want to know more about it before you make a purchase. Often, the data you find will give you clues as to whether the boat will be a good purchase or if you should look elsewhere for the right vessel for you.

Coast Guard Documentation Search

Coast Guard Documentation Search with Vessel Registrar Center

Do you need more help navigating our site or do you have questions about conducting a Coast Guard documentation search? We’re here to offer the assistance you need. Contact the Vessel Registrar Center today and let’s work together to complete your search.