Coast Guard Vessel Documentation Center: Must-Know Facts in 2024

Is this your first time to read/hear about the Coast Guard Vessel Documentation Center? You may not know exactly what it is. But it is the hub for vessel documentation. It plays a vital role in ensuring the legality of a vessel that is more than 5 net tons. If yours meets this requirement, then the information about your boat is registered in its database. 

Coast Guard Vessel Documentation Center – Central Authority for Vessel Documentation 

It serves as a central authority for the documentation of vessels in the US. It is also the go-to institution for boat owners, lenders, buyers, and regulatory authorities to find accurate and official information about documented vessels. However, there is no need to leave our site just to look for this information. You can just use our search tool to help you find details about a certain vessel. 

Verification of Documentation Status 

One of the primary functions of the VDC is to verify the status of a boat’s documentation. You may use our search tool to confirm whether a vessel is actively documented or it has expired documentation. Verifying the status of your boat’s documentation will help you make an informed decision. Remember that you cannot use your boat commercially without documenting it with the USCG. Do not worry as you can use our renewal or initial registration form to start documenting your boat. 

Ownership Confirmation 

If you wish to buy another boat, you can use this documentation center database to confirm the ownership details of the vessel in question. The database can provide you with insights into the current owner and historical changes in ownership. It fosters transparency in maritime transactions. 

The Requirements 

The center has requirements that you need to meet before you can document your boat. To be eligible for documentation, your boat must be wholly owned by a US citizen or eligible entity. Eligible entities may include partnerships, corporations, and other entities that meet specific citizenship criteria. Generally, the boat must be at least five net tons. It must also engage in qualifying activities, like fishing, coastwise trade, or registry as a recreation vessel. You should also provide proof of ownership. This may include a bill of sale, builder’s certificate, or other acceptable documentation. The proof of ownership should establish a clear chain of ownership leading to the applicant. Then, make sure that you pay the appropriate fee. The fee may depend on the type of documentation, the boat’s tonnage, and the requested service (renewal or initial). 

Online Application Submission 

As mentioned, there is no need to leave the site just to submit your online application for renewal or initial documentation. Our site offers online submission. What is great about our services is that we have a team of experts who will review your documents before submitting them to the documentation center. It means that we can guarantee that the documents you submitted are valid and accurate. 

Coast Guard Vessel Documentation Center

Renew or Initial Documentation 

To make sure that your boat’s details are included in the database of the Coast Guard vessel documentation center, you can start processing your documentation now. Just use the forms on the left side of this page to help you get started. If you are not sure what forms to fill in, just give us a call and we are more than willing to help you.