Coast Guard National Vessel Documentation Center to Finance Your Vessel

Have you been looking for a way to get financing on your vessel? Does it seem like getting your vessel documented is something that could benefit you, but you aren’t sure about all of the specifics? If so, you’re in the same position that so many vessel owners have been over the years. You’ve found the boat of your dreams, you can use it how you want, whether you want to make money with or just enjoy the vessel with your family and friends. But, you want all of this at the right price, too. Our Coast Guard national vessel documentation center can make the financing process just a bit easier. 

Coast Guard National Vessel Documentation Center

As of this writing, it’s the year 2021. That means that for more than one hundred years, vessel financing has been enhanced through the availability of preferred mortgages on documented vessels. The truth is that, for many vessels, it might be nigh impossible to find a bank or lender who will give you a mortgage on your vessel if it isn’t documented. If you don’t get your vessel documented, you may be precluded from getting any financing, much less great financing for your situation. 

The Preferred Ship’s Mortgage 

Should you get your vessel documented, the next course of action for those seeking financing is usually to apply for a Preferred Ship’s Mortgage. As with so many other forms, you can do that through our site. Remember: you can’t record this mortgage against the vessel unless you already have a valid Certificate of Documentation or, alternatively, an application for one filed with the NVDC. Once you do, however, you can take that next step towards financing your vessel how you would like. 

Once You’ve Paid It Off 

There’s an old phrase about how “the two best days of owning a boat are the days you buy it and the days you sell it.” That’s far too cynical, of course – there are, hopefully, wonderful days out on the water with those you care about most, etc. However, one of the best days absolutely has to be the day that you pay off your vessel’s mortgage. Then, the vessel is yours, free and clear. We have the forms for that, too, with the “Satisfaction / Release of Mortgage / Lien.” 

All the Help of Our National Vessel Documentation Center 

We don’t believe that you should be tied down at your desktop when you go to fill out these forms. That’s why we’ve made it possible to complete them from just about anywhere, due to how we’ve optimized our site for mobile devices. Additionally, don’t worry about making any typos or anything like that, either. As we’ve hired the best document processors in the business, they can find and fix any small errors so as to make the documentation process that much easier. To see all that we offer, our catalog of forms available is right here. To talk to a member of our staff, you can call (800) 535-8570 or fill out our contact form.