Coast Guard Boat Registration : Protecting Your Vessel

Commercial vessels in the US can be easily protected by a certificate of documentation, issued by the US Coast Guard. When buyers purchase a new boat, intending to make money using it on the waters of the United States or in International waters, they may want to know more about whether documentation is the right way to go. Most experienced sellers will tell their customers that they will need to take out a coast guard boat registration certificate if they intend to use their vessel for commercial use, in order to make certain that they can be protected. Understanding why this is so important can help you to decide whether this is something that you want to do.

Protection For Vessels In International Waters

If you plan to trade or perform other commercial business outside of American waters, then you will certainly need to have a USCG certificate of documentation for the boat. This evidence is not only there to help you travel more easily through customs on both sides, or to allow you to trade within other countries, but it will also offer you security when you are moving your vessel through international waters. The certificate is your passport to these waters, and by taking out registry on your vessel, you will have the protection of the coast guard. Businesses can see that operating in these waters will be much safer with a certificate of documentation.

Secure Your Mortgage

It is very common for boat owners to take out a mortgage on their boat in order to obtain the finances needed to buy the vessel. It is also very common for the bank to insist that the new owner of the boat take out registration on the vessel. This is because the lender will be placing a lien on the boat – a way to get money back from the vessel if you become bankrupt – and they want to ensure that the boat has the best protection possible. The certificate of documentation is a way of satisfying your bank that the loan is secure, so they don’t have to risk losing money on their investment. If you need to take out a loan in order to buy the boat, expect to have to take out a certificate of documentation with the US Coast Guard.

Get Help Completing Your Coast Guard Boat Registration

When you are trying to register your boat with the US Coast Guard, you may find it a bit hard. This is because the coast guard boat registration forms are very bureaucratic, and you have to fill in long sections of form and provide evidence for almost every sentence you write in the application. You may find that this is all too much for you, and want to make sure that you are accepted first time by using a third-party to help you. The Maritime Documentation Center can assist you with every stage of the process, so talk to us now by sending us an online message, or call us at (800) 535-8570 today.