Coast Guard Boat Registration Database

Have grown concerned that certain life changes have made it so that you won’t be able to stay on the Coast Guard boat registration database? Does it seem like the rules are arbitrary about what does and does not have to be given to the powers that be? Here at the Maritime Documentation Center, we see that one of the best ways we can help vessel owners like yourself is to make everything simpler. Our site was designed to streamline not just the online process, but the offline, “which form do I need and when” part as well. 

What to Do When an Owner Leaves Your Group (or You Add One) 

In vessel ownership groups, things change often. Owners who have been a part of the group for years or even decades decide to leave. Or, alternatively, maybe you own a vessel and are bringing on a new co-owner. When this happens, we have the forms to keep you in compliance with the USCG. The “Transfer/Exchange” form helps you to, well, transfer and/or exchange who owns the vessel. This is also the form for when you sell the documented vessel, too. For an analogy, think of how a “bill of sale” works for undocumented vessels. 

What to Do When You Move 

As vessel owners, we rarely stay in one place – literally. We’re used to spending hours, days, or even longer on the water. When that’s true in our personal lives, it’s important to stay in compliance. So, if you’ve moved from the address you had when you purchased your vessel, it’s important to update that with the “Change of Address” form at our site. In just a few minutes, you can maintain your compliance. 

Have You Changed How You Use Your Vessel? 

Did you start with the idea you would use your vessel for fishing and then find that you want to use it to transport people? Initially, did you want to use your vessel just to have fun and then found that you can make real money with it in foreign waters? That’s where the “Change of Endorsement/Trade Indicator” form can come in handy. There, you can alter your endorsement so that it reflects how you want to use your vessel right now. 

Getting Onto the Coast Guard Boat Registration Database in the First Place and More 

At our site, we can also help you to get onto that database in the first place. Indeed, that’s what the “initial” form is for. Of course, after that, you’re going to want to renew it as well, every single year. You’re going to want to renew it, that is, unless you want us to handle it for you, up to five years in the future. Beyond that, we have all of the other forms y9u might need for using your vessel, even the one for changing the name. To see all that we offer, head to our site and call (800) 535-8570 or fill out our contact form.