Coast Guard Boat Registration Database: Getting On and Staying There

Does it feel like getting onto the Coast Guard boat registration database is more difficult than it should be? Have you gone online to try and register your vessel yet, after you had done so, found that it was just too much trouble? If your vessel is a certain size and you’re going to use it for particular purposes, then you may have to get it documented. We designed the Maritime Documentation Center to be a resource, a place that vessel owners could go to get real, actual help with their forms. We make it easy to get the initial documentation and then to hang onto it as well. 

Getting Onto the Coast Guard Boat Registration Database

Acquiring the initial documentation is one of the most popular uses of our site. All you have to do to get started is to click on  “Initial” on the left side of our home page. Then, you’ll be sent to the “Initial Form” page. Just fill it in, send it to us, and you’ll be done. To expedite the process further, we’ve marked the parts you have to fill in with an asterisk. You can fill this form out from your laptop, your phone, your desktop, or anywhere else that you have the internet. We want to make the process easier, from the very beginning through the end. 

Renewing Your Documentation – for Today as Well as Tomorrow

Acquiring the initial documentation is one of the most popular uses of our site, but renewing documentation is probably the most popular. To that end, we’ve made it so that when you go to our home page, you’re actually at the “Renewal” form. Just fill that one in, once a year, (during the month of renewal) and you’ll be in compliance. However, to make things even easier, we’ve made it so that you can actually renew for several years in advance. Imagine never having to worry about “well, is my vessel documentation about to expire or not?” Instead, you can keep that from being a concern for the next half-decade. 

Lost Your Certificate? We Can Help

Unfortunately, if you don’t have a physical Certificate of Documentation, you are not in compliance with the USCG. This is true whether you’ve made a Xerox copy, or you have a picture saved on your phone, and so forth. We’ve made it easy to get a “Replacement,” simply by clicking through that form on our site. 

Beyond the Database Itself

Getting onto the database and staying there is something that we’ve helped so, so many vessel owners with over the years. However, it’s really just one of the services that we offer. You can get all of the forms that you’ll need to get and then eventually pay off a Preferred Ship’s Mortgage. If you’re looking into getting your next vessel, the Abstract of Title can help you out there, too. Should you have questions, you can ask our staff at (800) 535-8570.