The CG-1270 Certificate Of Documentation Is Essential Vessel Paperwork

You are the proud owner of a new boat, and want to put it to sea as soon as possible after the purchase completes. If you are intending to use the boat for anything other than pleasure – even once a year – then you will need to submit an application to be registered with the US Coast Guard. They are here to protect you in case anything goes wrong with the vessel in international waters, but you need to fill in and submit the CG-1270 certificate of documentation form in order to be accepted. This form is essential if you wish to prove that you own the boat outright, and that you are authorized to sail it. Obtaining the CG-1270 documentation that you need means completing this form correctly.

What CG-1270 Certificate Of Documentation Means

The Coast Guard needs to know all about your ownership of the vessel before you begin using it to trade. There are plenty of advantages to obtaining this documentation, such as extra protection for the vessel if it is lost or stolen, and also making it easier to register your vessel. A single one-time charge for registry is more affordable than the annual subs demanded by state documentation, for example. You may also achieve more recognition for your vessel at national and international ports, and your journey through customs will be made easier when you have a certificate of documentation to present.

Making Sure Your Form Is Correct

Many boat owners come to the Maritime Documentation Center because they are struggling to fill in the form by themselves. They often struggle to submit all of the evidence needed for the form correctly at the first attempt, and may be discouraged by the effort, or even made uncertain of what to do next by the rejection. You will have to provide a lot of personal identification, as well as evidence concerning the boat, and you will also have to submit all of the paperwork you have on the vessel, plus other demanded information. Many find all of this overwhelming, and it is so easy to make mistakes and find yourself having to resubmit the application with a second processing fee. Rather than keep making the same mistake again and again, you need the help of a team who understand what the USCG require, and can assist you in gathering all your evidence prior to submission.

Getting Help With Your Documentation

If you are about to submit your CG-1270 form applying for a certificate of documentation, you don’t want to make a mistake. Some vessel owners struggle to complete the form or understand the terms used on the application. If you find yourself in difficulty, and know that you need assistance to get the form through the application process, you need to contact the team of experts at the Maritime Documentation Center. We can help you with everything from completing your submission to making sure that the paperwork is error-free. Contact us online today for assistance, or call us at (800) 535-8570 now.