Certificate of Deletion Vessel: When It’s Time Comes

Have you been considering deleting your vessel from the USCG database? Do you feel like it’s time to move on? In some cases, those wishing for a more permanent change in their life on the sea may need to explore the option of deleting their Vessel Documentation Certificate; this post will give you everything you need to know about when it’s time for this big step. Over the years, we’ve helped many through the entire certificate of deletion vessel process. Now, we can put that experience to work for you. 

Why Would You Want to Delete Your Vessel Documentation

It may seem odd that a site that specializes in vessel documentation lays out ways that you could delete your vessel documentation. However, deletion is the right decision for many vessel owners. Maybe you’ve sold your boat, or perhaps you’re no longer using it. No matter the reason, deleting a vessel’s documentation is a serious decision that should not be taken lightly. It requires proper handling and compliance with legal procedures.

You No Longer Use the Vessel 

Every vessel, no matter how mighty, beloved, or used, eventually ends its journey. Once a symbol of adventure on the high seas, the boat now sits idle, with perhaps its wooden hull creaking in the sun. If your vessel is not in use and will not return to it any time soon (if ever) then deletion very well may be the best path forward. 

Sold to a Foreign Buyer 

USCG documentation is exactly that: United States Coast Guard documentation. A vessel that isn’t owned by a citizen of the United States is a vessel that fails to meet one of the most important eligibility requirements of USCG documentation. In the event that your vessel is sold to a foreign buyer, then your vessel should be deleted from the registry. 

Seeking State Title 

As you may remember, a vessel that’s registered with the United States Coast Guard cannot also possess State Title. If you wish to get a State Title for your vessel, then it has to be deleted from the USCG database. This is another of the most common reasons that someone opts for deletion of their Certificate of Documentation. 

Certificate of Deletion Vessel

Closing Thoughts – When it’s Time to Let Go

The end of a vessel can occur in many different ways. Perhaps it’s something dramatic, where a vessel is wrecked and, in the blink of an eye, no longer usable. Alternatively, perhaps, over time, the vessel just isn’t as useful as it once was. No matter the reason, you can delete your vessel documentation through our site. That said, should the urge strike you to get back out on the water with a new documented vessel, we have all of the forms and research tools you’ll need (such as an Abstract of Title and more) to help you to find and maintain the registration of the vessel of your dreams. To find everything that you’ll need, for registration, deletion, and everything in between, browse our site.