Getting a Certificate of Documentation Without Being Certifiable

If you’re like so many other vessel owners, then you probably have a procedure for when you start your vessel up. You may have a checklist you go through in order to make sure that everything is in working order before you set out on the water. Your vessel documentation works in a similar fashion. Like everything, it begins with a first step, and the first step of documentation for most vessel owners is to get a Certificate of Documentation. We know how that can quickly get complicated, which is why we’ve made the entire process easier at our site.

Certificate of Documentation without Handwriting

In the not-so-recent past, you could have your initial vessel documentation sent back to you, now rendered invalid, due to your handwriting being difficult to read. That may sound impossible, but it’s true. If it ever happened to you or someone you knew, then you realize how it’s not a laughing matter. You shouldn’t need to have excellent penmanship to own your vessel. With our online forms, you don’t have to worry about writing anything out by hand. If there are any small errors, then our document processors can catch them before the forms are passed on to the relevant authorities.

All the Information You Need

When it comes to vessel documentation, we know that most vessel owners would rather do pretty much anything else. One of the many goals of our site is to streamline the process, so that vessel documentation goes from a chore that takes hours to complete to something you can do in your spare time within a single day. That’s why we’ve laid our forms out in such a fashion that you can easily read and click on everything conveniently.

What You Need When You Need It

On top of that, we make sure that all of the rules and laws you need to know about are literally unavoidable when browsing the site. For example, if you go to the “Initial Form” page at our site, you’ll find that the qualifications for this particular documentation are in red, all capital letters. That way, you can’t miss them. We’ve found that the more information folks have about vessel documentation, the better they’ll be able to find the right documentation for their needs.

Easier Renewal Too

Once you have your initial documentation, it doesn’t actually mean that you’re done with the documentation process. Far from it. Indeed, if you want to continue, you have to renew your documentation every year. This can be a real pain, as you might imagine. That is why we’ve streamlined that process too: you can go to our site and renew your documentation for several years in advance. Instead of having to go year by year, you can simply renew for up to five years right now. It’s just one more worry we can lift from our customers’ shoulders so as to make the vessel owner experience a better one. To talk to an expert about certificate of registration and all of the forms of vessel documentation that you might need, call (800) 535-8570.