Can You Use Vessel Documentation by Name for Expired Vessels in the US?

It is important to note that the US Coast Guard Documentation expires every year. However, if you, as the owner, choose to register it for multiple years, then the expiration expires after several years. If you are not sure whether or not the certificate of your vessel has expired, you may search vessel documentation by name. Or you can just look into the Certificate of Documentation given by the United States Coast Guard. The expiration is stated below the paper under Issue Date. 

Search Vessel Documentation by Name 

The vessel name is one of the pieces of information you need for this search. Ensure that the name is spelled correctly and matches the official name of the vessel. If the vessel’s documentation has expired, you can see it in the documentation status. It is one of the results that will appear after the search. 

You may also use the Official Number of the vessel for searching. This is one piece of information that can give you a more specific search. The official number is a unique identifier for each documented vessel. 

What Other Details You Can Use? 

The hull number can also be used to search for a documented vessel. Some vessels may have this number associated with the boat. It can also be used for identification. 

While not always required for the initial search, having the owner’s information such as the owner’s name or the managing owner’s name, can be helpful to narrow down the search results. This is especially true if you are searching for multiple vessels. Keep in mind that some vessels do share a similar name

If you know the specific port where the vessel is documented, you may also use it, in addition to the name of the vessel. 

How Accurate is the Search? 

The primary authority responsible for vessel documentation is the US Coast Guard’s National Vessel Documentation Center (NVDC). It maintains a comprehensive database of documented vessels, including their ownership, history, and current status. As a federal agency, the NVDC strives to provide accurate and reliable information if you conduct searches for vessel documentation. 

Factors That Influence the Accuracy of Searches 

Data Entry Errors

Like any database, the accuracy of the information depends on the quality of the data entry. Human errors during the initial documentation process, such as misspelled names or incurred identification numbers, can result in inaccuracies. 

Updates and Renewals

Vessel documentation is subject to renewal and owners are required to update their information as necessary. Delays in submitting renewal paperwork or updating owner details can lead to outdated information in the database. 

Multiple Vessels with Similar Names

Vessels with similar or identical names can create confusion in search results. While the official numbers assigned to vessels are unique, if users rely solely on 

vessel names, they may encounter challenges in obtaining precise information. 

vessel documentation by name

Expired Documentation 

If your vessel’s documentation expires, you should renew it immediately. Failure to act means that your boat is no longer in compliance with the federal documentation requirements. This can have legal consequences, especially if your vessel is engaged in activities that require valid documentation, such as commercial fishing or international voyages. 

After searching for vessel documentation by name and seeing that your certificate expires, make sure to act quickly. We make the renewal process a lot easier. Hire our services so you can have an experience who will facilitate the process and make it more convenient for you to get through.