Boat Registration Renewal: Faster, Smarter, Better

A “ticking clock” can cause anyone to be nervous. When there’s a deadline, when something has to be done at a certain time, it can make everyone a bit on edge, causing them to not react as well as they might have. Your vessel documentation has to be renewed annually (except for certain exceptions, which we’ll get to in a moment). When you have to do something once a year, it’s natural to both feel like you have to do it as quickly as possible and also forget about it till the last minute. At our site, we make it that much easier to take care of your boat registration renewal

Boat Registration Renewal Online 

Mailing in a room, through the regular mail, often makes us a bit uncertain. After all, you’re introducing so many elements into the transaction that you can’t control. You hope that the mail will be delivered on time, but you can’t be 100% sure. You also hope that they’ll protect your mail and keep it safe as well as free from damage, but you can’t be certain about that. With our online portal, you don’t have to worry about any of them. You fill out your renewal, you press a button, and you send it to us. Done. That’s the entire process. We look it over and pass it on. No inclement weather concerns, no mail workers getting sick or going to the wrong place. Instead of introducing so much uncertainty, you can have the peace of mind that comes from getting things done right. 

boat registration renewal

Rush Processing 

Renewing your vessel registration is one of those things that most people think: “I have to do that” but often procrastinate on. This is perfectly understandable. With everything you have to deal with in the course of a typical day, you may barely have time for anything involving your boat, let alone renewing your documentation. So, for those vessel owners, we offer our rush processing. This processing means that everything goes that much faster. You can send in your form to us, and when you click on this option, we put it at the top of the queue. That way, you get all of your forms back that much faster. Instead of waiting on your renewal, it will be back to you even faster. It’s one more way that we can improve the process. 

Renew for Multiple Years at Once

As we mentioned previously, if you’re renewing your vessel documentation, you have to do it year by year. So, every year you have to (hopefully) remember that you have to send those forms in. We provide a better option. At our site, you can renew it for multiple years. Pay for that option, and we’ll take care of your boat registration renewal for years to come. In fact, you can renew for up to five years in advance. Think about it: an entire half decade where you don’t have to worry about your documentation. Learn more by heading to our site or calling (800) 535-8570.