Confused About Boat Name Lookup? You Don’t Have to Be

There’s a boat you have your eye on. After you search for it online, you might think you’ve found some good, detailed information. Of course, you’d like to believe it, but since you just found it on the internet, it might not be accurate. The owner is very helpful, but you aren’t 100% sure you can trust them either, as they are everything but a disinterested party. There is one place you can go to find out the information you need about a vessel before you put the money down: our boat name lookup. Utilizing our access to the USCG NVDC database, you can find out the truth about a registered vessel, including your own.

Boat Name Lookup Explained

If you’ve been to our site before, then you know that all different kinds of forms that we offer are on the left side of the page. The most commonly used forms are in the center of the homepage so they can be accessed the easiest. However, some of the least used forms are on the left side, once you’ve scrolled down a bit. There you can find the “Vessel Search” option. That will take you to our USCG NVDC Database Vessel Documentation Search page.

The Search Itself

At our site, the goal is to streamline the vessel documentation process as much as possible. That ethos permeates everything that we do. You can fill out even the most complicated and complex forms of vessel documentation in a few keystrokes, and you can do a boat name lookup and number simply, too. At this particular page, just fill in the official USCG number or the vessel’s name. Fortunately, you don’t need both to get the information you need. If you have the name, you’re good. The same goes for if you just have the number, too. Either way, you can draw up all of the information you need.

Something to Keep in Mind

We provide great, unfettered access to the USCG database. We don’t actually update the USCG database itself. So, you want to remember that the USCG database gets updated every quarter. That means that it doesn’t get updated every day, every week, or even every month. We’ve received plenty of phone calls in the past from frantic vessel owners all saying something similar to: “I sent in my documentation. It was put together right so why isn’t it in the database?” In almost all of these cases, when the database updated, our customers’ information was in there.

Secure Access

The Coast Guard is a branch of the armed forces, so they take security quite seriously. We do, too. That’s why we always make sure that our security protocols and measures are absolutely top-notch. Any security less than the highest quality available isn’t good enough for our customers, as they entrust us with their personal, private information. To do a boat name lookup, stay in compliance with vessel documentation, or something along those lines, call us at (800) 535-8570.