Boat Bill of Sale Form: What You Need to Fit the Bill

Are you looking to sell your boat and aren’t sure which forms you’ll need? Or, alternatively, are you in the process of buying a boat, and want everything to be on the “up and up,” so to speak? This is where a boat bill of sale form can come in very handy. The good news about these forms: you can make them yourself. In fact, a handwritten bill of sale is perfectly acceptable. Below, we’ll go into what you’ll need as well as ways that we can help you once you complete your purchase. 

Why a Boat Bill of Sale is Important 

Essentially, it’s proof that a boat was sold, that a transaction took place. Specifically, a bill of sale is usually used for vessels that aren’t U.S. Coast Guard documented vessels. The last thing anyone wants is to go through the process of buying or selling a vessel, only for the other party to come back later angry, looking for money, the boat, or something else. This document, like so many others, can provide both parties with peace of mind. 

What to Include in Your Boat Bill of Sale Form 

The good news about making one of these forms yourself: it’s not that hard. Moreover, it doesn’t have to include much information. That said, it absolutely has to include this information. So, it should have the name, contact information, and address for both the sellers as well as the buyer. Additionally, it needs to have plenty of information about the vessel, too. That means the form should include the state registration number, the hull identification number (HIN), the length of the vessel, when it was manufactured, as well as what model and brand the vessel is. If the trailer is involved with the sale, you want to include that as well. 

What to Do With Documented Vessels 

As mentioned, the bill of sale is only really good for vessels that aren’t documented. Should you be in the process of buying or selling a documented vessel, well, that’s where we come in. You can use our “Transfer” forms and others to meet the needs of buyers and sellers. Documented vessels are entirely different and go by a different set of rules than undocumented ones. As ever, we can help. 

The Maritime Documentation Center: More Than Happy to Help 

We absolutely understand if you’re read to this point and you’re a bit fuzzy on the difference between a “bill of sale” and “Transfer of Ownership,” documented vessels, undocumented vessels, and so forth. That’s why, here at the Maritime Documentation Center, we have a staff of trained professionals who are more than happy to answer any questions you might have. You can contact us during business hours and we’ll help with everything from answering a query to going line by line with you in a given form. To see everything that we have to offer, you can check out our site. For more: (800) 535-8570 or fill out our contact form.