Better Vessel Documentation Practices

Many of us are emotionally attached to our vessels, understandably so. After all, many of us have spent much of (if not the majority of) our lives on the water. We know our vessels as well as if not better than our homes. Indeed, for so many of us, our vessels are home. So, we can get set in our ways, accustomed to one way of doing things. That can come in very handy, as there’s nothing quite like experience. However, sometimes it can keep us from embracing a better, newer way. That’s what we offer with our site: a better way. In this blog, we’ll discuss how our better vessel documentation practices can take all of the fear and frustration out of the process, leaving you more time with your vessel.

Vessel Documentation Practices with Us

We want to streamline the vessel documentation process for your vessel as much as possible. When you come to our site, we want you to waste no time whatsoever finding the form that you want. We know that you don’t like to fill out documentation (who does?) So, we made our site as responsive as possible. You can find all of our forms on the left side of our page. However, when you click on our site, you’ll find plenty of our most popular forms right there in the middle of the page. That way, you can save even more time.

How it was

If you’re a vessel owner above a certain age, you might remember what it was like the night you had to fill out your documentation. Many of us procrastinated as much as possible; as there was essentially anything else we’d like to do instead. But, when the time came, we’d be hunched over our desks, carefully writing everything with our best penmanship. Between that, mailing it and waiting to get word if our documentation was accepted, it took quite a bit of time. This all seemed like the best way to do things at the time, believe it or not.

How it is now

Today, you basically don’t have to deal with anything mentioned in the above paragraph. For example, our forms are all online, so you never have to worry about mailing anything. On top of that, we also have document processors. If there are any problems with your documents, they can catch them before they’re passed on. That way, when you send your documentation in to us, you know that it’s going to get sent in right.

Documentation Filled out Everywhere

We’ve made it so that our site is fully mobile optimized. This way, you don’t have to tie yourself to a desk ever again to fill out your documentation. Instead, you can fill it out from anywhere where you’ll have an internet connection. So, that means you could be on a vessel, you could be in line at the store, you could be sitting on the dock, or anywhere else. Find out by going through our documentation forms or get in touch by emailing us at