Benefits of Being On the USCG Vessel Registry

Have you been wondering exactly why you would want to place your vessel on the USCG Vessel Registry? Are you on the fence about whether or not it would be beneficial to you and your vessel? If so, you aren’t alone. Over the years, we’ve helped many to determine whether or not registering their vessel is the right course of action. For those who decided it was right for them, we are also able to make it easier to register your vessel with the USCG. 

Before you go any further, know that to qualify for vessel registration, your vessel has to be owned entirely by an American citizen. Beyond that, it also must measure at least five net tons. “Net tonnage,” of course, doesn’t measure weight but rather a volume. However, the way that many vessel owners determine the net tonnage of their vessel is through the length. If your vessel is at least 25 feet long, then it measures five net tons at least. 

Financing Your Vessel 

The most common of all vessel documentation endorsements is “Recreation.” Most vessel owners who document their vessels do not do so for commercial business opportunities. Instead, they’re only going to use their vessels to have fun with friends, family, and the like. So, why go through the process of documentation? Simple: to be eligible for a Preferred Ship’s Mortgage. 

For a little more than a hundred years, vessel registration has been necessary to qualify for a Preferred Ship’s Mortgage. This particular kind of financing makes it possible to finance the vessel that you want. These mortgages have helped, at this point, generations of vessel owners to able to own the vessels that they want. You cannot qualify for this mortgage without having your vessel documented in the first place. 

Here at the Maritime Documentation Center, we help with all of the documentation connected to qualifying for these forms. For example, you can apply for the initial registration while at our site, yes. Additionally, you can apply for the Preferred Ship’s Mortgage, too. We see it as more ways that we can make it easier for vessel owners from all walks of life to be able to operate the vessels they want. 

Commercial Economic Opportunities 

“Recreation” may be the most popular endorsement, but it’s far from the only one offered. Indeed, there are many who use our site that utilizes their vessels in a commercial capacity. To that end, we can also choose to get the “Coastwise,” “Fishing,” or “Registry” endorsements for your vessel, respectively. Each of them grants different benefits that professionals have used for many years. 

“Coastwise” is the right endorsement if you’re going to use your vessel for transporting people and/or merchandise throughout the navigable waters or the Exclusive Economic Zone of the United States. “Fishing” is if you’re going to engage in commercial fishing operations in the same waters. “Registry” is most often used for those who are going to utilize their vessels in international waters. 

Some vessel owners, when in the process of filling out their initial documentation, get a bit hesitant when they reach the part where they’re supposed to choose an endorsement. They might think: “Well, I’m going to use my vessel for fishing today, but I may want to change my mind.” That’s perfectly acceptable and understandable. If you want to change your vessel’s endorsement, you can do that through another form at our site. You can do so at any time, too. That way, you can always be in compliance. 

One thing to keep in mind: you can use any vessel for recreation, but a vessel with a “Recreation” endorsement can only be used recreationally. So, you can take your vessel with a “Coastwise” endorsement out for a fun night with family and friends. But, you can’t one day just decide to use your vessel with a “Recreation” endorsement to go transport people and/or merchandise through the Exclusive Economic Zone for money.

USCG Vessel Registry

Getting on the USCG Vessel Registry and Staying There 

Of the many reasons, we created the Maritime Documentation Center, one of the most important was to make the entire documentation process simpler for vessel owners. We don’t believe that it should be confusing, intimidating, time-consuming, or anything of that nature. We believe that you should be able to quickly learn about the forms that you may need, find them in one place, and fill them out promptly. 

That’s exactly what our site is designed for. All of the forms that we offer come with detailed explanations so that you can know which ones are right for you. As our site has been optimized for mobile devices, you can fill them out from anywhere. To see all that we offer and how we can help, head to our site today.