An Abstract of Title: The Complete History of a Vessel

Have you been researching a vessel that you’re interested in, yet you don’t feel like you can trust any of the information sources you’ve come across? Does it seem like there’s no way to find out exactly what the real history of a vessel is? When considering buying a vessel, you need to know absolutely everything. You can’t afford (quite literally) to only have some of the information. That’s why we offer an Abstract of Title. With that, you’ll have all of the information there is. 

An Abstract of Title Defined 

This form tells you just about everything about a vessel. With it, you’ll know who manufactured the vessel. You’ll know when it was manufactured. Additionally, you’ll be made aware of if there are any liens or mortgages against the vessel. By that same token, you’ll know whether or not those were satisfied, too. Perhaps best of all, you can rest assured that this information is truthful. This form is backed by the Coast Guard, all of it taken from official documents. This is the whole truth. 

Why This is So Important 

This is critical to know so that you can make the right decision about whether or not to purchase the vessel. If you’re communicating with the owner or just looking it up online, you can’t be 100% sure that they’re telling you the whole truth. If they tell you it was “manufactured recently,” for example, you don’t know how they’re defining “recently.” That could mean “last year” it could mean “within the last decade” or something else entirely. With an Abstract, there’s no “guesswork,” there’s no “estimating,” or “half-truths.” Instead, there’s the whole truth. With that information, you can do what’s right for you. 

What if the Vessel Isn’t in America? 

At this point, you may have asked: “that all sounds great, but the vessel I’m looking at isn’t in the United States. So, your Abstract isn’t going to work for me. What should I do?” In that case, we have what’s called a “Foreign Vessel Title Search Request / Transcript of Registry.” With that form, you can find out the same information listed above for a vessel that’s overseas. So, you’ll know whether or not there are liens, mortgages, the truth about manufacturing, and more. As long as the vessel you’re interested in is in the Bahamas, Bermuda, the UK, the Cayman Islands, Canada, and other locations, you’ll be good to go. 

Many Other Forms 

An Abstract and the Foreign Vessel Title Search Request are just some of the forms that we offer at our site. If you look on the left-hand part of our site, you’ll see that there are many, many others. Hopefully, the Abstract tells you what you want to know and you can move forward with purchasing the craft. Should that be the case, you can find all of the other forms that you’ll need right here. If you have any questions, our staff can take them at: (800) 535-8570.