A USCG Abstract of Title is a Big Help to You

Most of us are reluctant to buy anything today without doing some kind of work to get background information. Everything from the smartphone and computer you own to the television and appliances you buy to the restaurants you visit all involve doing some research to make sure you are making a decision that is right for you. It certainly makes sense for you to perform due diligence when you are looking at purchasing something like a recreational boat. A boat can be a significant investment for you, and the last thing you want to do is spend tens of thousands of dollars only to find out issues exist. One way you can do some checking on a boat you have an interest in is by obtaining a USCG abstract of title.

Understanding a USCG Abstract of Title

Just like an abstract you would get if you were looking at buying a home, an abstract of title for a boat can give you background information on the vessel in question. If the boat has ever been documented with the United States Coast Guard (USCG), there is a record of it with the Coast Guard that you can access. The abstract contains information on all the bills of sale that have been recorded referring to this vessel, along with ownership information such as names and addresses. You will also get information about liens that have or currently exist relating to this boat.

How an Abstract Helps You

Getting an abstract of title can be very helpful to you. If a boat has several liens that are current, you may have second thoughts about whether or not you want to take on this boat. You could end up responsible for paying any liens that exist once you take ownership unless they are satisfied before the sale. You may also have concerns about the history of the boat that you discover when you get background information. Of course, the opposite can also be true, and you may find that there is nothing for you to worry about with the boat you desire so you can move ahead with the sale.

Acquiring and Abstract of Title

Knowing where to go to get a USCG abstract of title will make your life a lot easier. Here at Maritime Documentation Center, we give you the easiest way possible to apply for an abstract of title. We offer the request form you need on our website so you can fill it out electronically. Our website is safe and secure and encrypted, so you never have to fear anything about your information our payment data. We transmit your request to the Coast Guard for you so you do not have to deal with the mail system or faxes that can expose your data to prying eyes, and your request can be processed faster. Using our portal will help you to get the information that can help you make the best decision regarding a boat.