A Better Way for Proper Boat Licensing and Registration

We don’t believe that boat licensing and registration should be difficult. That shouldn’t be revolutionary, but it kind of is. For many years, dealing with boat registration was like going to the DMV but much worse. After all, it’s not like many people could simply ride their vessel over to the facility, dock it, and then take care of what needed taken care of. We found a way to do it online that makes the entire process a lot easier here at the Maritime Documentation Center. 

All of the Boat Licensing and Registration You’ll Need 

Have you ever gone online to deal with registration, only to find that all of the forms you need are on separate pages? Maybe you can find one form on one page but, to find another, you have to go to a separate page? This is the kind of thing that can take a simple task (like vessel documentation) and make it an ordeal that lasts for hours if not much of the day. We decided to make the Maritime Documentation Center truly a documentation center. That means you can find all of the forms you need right on our homepage. The most used forms are on the left of the page as well as in the center. That way, everything you need is in one place. 

Boat Licensing and Registration

Easily Filled Out Online 

We know that the last thing anyone ever wants to deal with is writing out vessel documentation forms by hand. That said, we know that the only thing marginally more enjoyable than that is typing out those forms online. So, we sought to streamline that process as well by putting asterisks by each of the spaces that you actually need to fill out. The rest you can ignore. That way, you only do what’s necessary to fill out the forms and get the documentation you require. Vessel documentation is important, yes, but so is your time. By making our files that much easier to navigate, we can help you to get the most out of both. 


Any site that you have to pass sensitive information along to is as good as its security. A site that’s unable to properly protect your information is one that you simply cannot do business with. We understand that and we know what a responsibility it is to pass your information along to the relevant authorities. To that end, we use the best security in the business. Beyond that, we make sure that we’re constantly upgrading it too so that we can always provide you with the kind of security you deserve. 

The Maritime Documentation Center 

A single stop at our site can be enough to get you all of the documentation you require. That’s true when you’re first getting your vessel, but also when you’re changing the name, the hailing port, getting ready to sell it, and any other stage of vessel ownership. For more, you can call us at (800) 535-8570.